Farmed Salmon: The Cost of Fish Meal to Chimbote, Peru

“The Greed of Feed,” a report on the ecological and social damage of the fish meal industry in Peru, was produced by the Ecologist Film Unit (EFU), a division of The Ecologist magazine.


2 thoughts on “Farmed Salmon: The Cost of Fish Meal to Chimbote, Peru”

  1. This is a great film apart from the fact that it tries to tie the production of fish meal into salmon farming alone. The vast majority of fish meal is used in other areas of farming including pork and poultry as well as other industries. It may be fashionable to go after fish farms, particularly salmon, but the truth is lost.
    Other factors to consider might be the business practices of fish farms in Latin America in general, particularly their use of labor and contribution to the local community. Pegging salmon farms as the culprit smacks of looking for donations by appealing to the current wave of opinion. That’s disappointing and doesn’t help the debate regarding over consumption and waste by developed countries and exploitation of communities in developing ones.
    3/10 for lack of development of this topic.

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