Speth’s “Progressive Fusion” at The Nation

James Gustave Speth, dean of the Yale School of Forestry and one of the founders of the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), has just published “Progressive Fusion” in the October 6, 2008 issue of The Nation. In this essay, which echoes the incendiary “The Death of Environmentalism,” Speth argues that global capitalism has now become so destructive that environmentalists cannot simply act within the system anymore, but must change the structure of capitalism itself. This, Speth argues, would entail an alliance with other progressive movements over the long haul to create a supermovement strong enough to change the system on a planetary scale.

The article is short and clear enough that it could be used in many classroom settings, including the Basic Writing classroom in which I intend to use it. if anyone else teaches it, please report back to Planetary with the results.


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