Welcome to Planetary

Welcome to Planetary, a new community blog about teaching the environmental humanities. Planetary started to form as the editors, sitting on their high horses, reflected on the need for a new media space to discuss, share, and preserve some of the excellent work being done in green pedagogy across the disciplines. We invite all who are interested in this work to join us as readers and contributors.

Planetary appears at a time when the environmental crisis has become unavoidably global; hence, our name. To think about fresh water supplies, global climate change, industrial pollution, environmental justice, species extinction, habitat preservation, and the like is to think about our life on Earth. The editors hope that this blog can play a role in enhancing communication across disciplinary and national boundaries. We want Planetary to be part of the global commons.

This philosophy informs our standards of intellectual property, too. Planetary follows the conventions of free use, with attribution, outlined by the Creative Commons movement. This means that readers are free to use ideas and information they find on Planetary as long as they give proper credit to the original authors. We encourage you to explore the realm of the intellectual commons by visiting creativecommons.org. Environmental pedagogy just wants to be free, as the Linuxfolk would say.

Though Planetary is, in part, inspired by the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE-USA) and its international affiliates, membership in the association is not required of authors on this blog. We encourage everyone, in and out of the academy, to raise their voices here, and to remember that we are not alone in the great work of planetary repair in the twenty-first century.

Currently, Planetary allows readers to comment on posts without joining the community, but if you’d like to post, you have to join. Fortunately, joining is easy. You can contact me, Anthony Lioi, at alioi_at_juilliard.edu, or one of the other editors listed in the About section, and ask to be invited to join. (NOTE: Email addresses are written with “_at_” to avoid detection by spambots. When mailing us, please use the regular @ sign.) Then we’ll send you an invitation. Once you respond, you’re in.

Planetary is a moderated blog; the editors reserve the right to weed out posts or comments that are in any way poisonous or violent. If we must contend, still there can be courtesy.

Let’s get to it!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Planetary”

  1. Hey Anthony and everyone else responsible for putting this blog together . . . thanks! I think this will be a very valuable tool, especially as we continue to think about what environmental humanities is and how valuable it can be.


  2. Thanks, Eric, we look forward to seeing more of you here. Good luck with the new job!

    p.s. I started the semester by asking my students about the Miami Blue butterfly, which evoked reactions ranging from the deep-ecological to the utilitarian. That little butterfly has to survive down there in Florida with you, just so it can continue to drive my students crazy.

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